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"I have benefited greatly from Hetty’s acupuncture treatments. After surgery on my right eye to repair a torn retina and cataract removal, I suffered about a 40% reduction in my peripheral vision. As a private pilot, this was particularly distressing, and potentially would make it impossible to pass a flight physical. After one treatment, my peripheral vision was
restored virtually 100%!"
Ernie, Palm Desert, CA ,

"January 2009 I developed an accelerated case of arthritis in my wrists and a couple of knuckles on my right hand. They were extremely swollen and sore. Hetty started me out on a supplement regime and acupuncture and eliminated several harmful foods from my diet. Within a month the swelling had gone down and I was doing oh so much better. We have also worked on several emotional issues to help in the recovery of some physical issues. Can't thank her enough for her kind and gentle, non judgemental treatment".
KMS, Mountain Center, CA

"I have been in the middle of undefined autoimmune issues,with serious headaches, exhaustion, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and GERD. Hetty has treated me twice with acupuncture and one NET session - my headaches are completely gone, my GERD will be checked on Thursday to see the improvement, my blood pressure is down 10-15 points and my energy level is back to normal. Thank you so very much!"
Patti, La Quinta, CA

Virtual Sessions:

"Hetty, Thank you so much for yesterday. I didn't have a clear picture of my needs, but got exactly what I needed! I knew I needed your help and, boy, did you deliver! Thank you!"

Wynnette, Pinyon Crest, CA