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NRT-Nutrition Response Test

NRT utilizes MRT (Muscle response testing) to uncover hidden factors and biochemical imbalances then finds the exact nutrition necessary to correct the imbalance. Concentrated whole foods in tablet form are then prescribed.

NRT allows us to access the body's prioritization of specific nutritional needs. The most efficient group of nutrients needed to bring the body chemistry back into balance are then recommended. Knowing where to start and when we are finished allows us to determine the body's exact needs.
The initial challenge is to identify which of the common stress factors is affecting the body, find the cause of the stress and correct it. This could be anything from chronic allergies to toxic metals or chemical overload.
After the stress factors are corrected and in balance, the organ system needing the most support (the priority organ) will surface.
The next assessment is to discover whether the involved organ is battling a virus, parasites, mold, fungus, bacterial or other immune challenge.
We then determine what reparative support the involved organ requires. The body has specific requirements. All we need to do is ask it and then provide the solution. The body's own innate intelligence will do the healing.