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About Hetty Adema

If you're tired of being tired and in pain, you need not look any've come to the right place!

Hetty studied Acupuncture at the California Acupuncture College in West Los Angeles. She is passionate about Energetic Healing Techniques.

In her practice, besides using her acupuncture training, she utilizes her extensive Post-Graduate training in powerful, cutting-edge energy medicine techniques to find what ails you and what will heal you. She uses your own bioenergy field to bring forth the answers to create your own innate healing. She's especially excited about NeuroEmotion Technique (NET), another powerful, cutting-edge mind/body stress relieving technique; Quantum Neurology® (QN)-a break through Nervous System Rehabilitation technique. Life is experienced through your neurology. Through QN methodologies and meridian evaluation, Hetty finds your blockages then restores, rehabilitates and upregulates your meridian and nervous system; and Nutrition Response Testing® (NRT), a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to assist Hetty in the assessment of the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health.

Along with the Acugraph (a device which measures galvanic skin response and assists in detecting out of balance organ/meridian systems), and the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) device which evaluates your autonomic nervous system. Hetty has a wide array of sophisticated tools and techniques in her toolbelt to get to the core of what ails you and what will restore your innate healing ability. This includes the Acutron which uses frequency specific microcurrent, a needle-less and pain-less device which has the same effect as traditional acupuncture but WITHOUT needles. The Acutron uses specific micro-current frequency combinations. Needle-phobics have no fear, you won't have any pain here.

Together with her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and her post-graduate Energy Medicine techniques training, Hetty has 30 years of experience in Western Medicine in the field of Nuclear Medicine. This gives her a good understanding of the state of your dis-ease(s) and how to bring you back to optimal health and well-being in the most efficient and compassionate manner.

Hetty is a healer of the 21st Century ready to be of service to you. It's time to regain your quality of life, the birthright of every human being.